What are you willing to Sacrafice to Stregthen Your Relationship With God

imageThe sweetest pleasures could be our direct path to self-destruction. Some of us praise money and material items. Some of us are entertaining forbidden relationships . Are you willing to let that all go to please God? This life is a test and its a temporary one. I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that we’d like to spend our eternal life in Paradise (Heaven).  What are you willing to sacrifice in order to put God first?

You definitely have to know who you are,  what your worth and if your link with God means more to you than ANYTHING ELSE.  Through my own personal experiences, change was forced upon me before I was able to know who God really is and how powerful he is.  I’ve always believed and had faith but, I must admit (and being 100% Honest) my personal relationships consumed me.  I put more work in my marriage than I ever put in my relationship with God. Not to mention, I was fully aware that the marriage was unhealthy and toxic.

I realize today what having faith really means, what love really is and my worth.

“Nothing beautiful and everlasting start with a faulty foundation”

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Committed Relationship or Marriage. What’s your reason?


In my mind, I thought I treated my committed relationship like a marriage until, I got married. I took care of the kids, cooked, cleaned and attended to his needs, as though a wife would. Whenever conversations about Marriage came up, he would say, “Man, that’s something I don’t play with”. It was years later that he came to me and said, “ok, I think we should get married”. My response was, ” oh…. ok”. It didn’t phase me that much because I’m thinking the only thing that will change is a piece of paper that legally binds us together. Well, I don’t know about you but, the moment the I-do’s were said, I felt totally different. I felt more protective and protected. It was like he was more than just my man, we were literally one. This topic is more than just about a committed relationship vs Marriage. Not just by the courts but, in God’s eyes, I’m this mans wife! The commitment felt more valuable and beneficial.

So, I’ve tallied up a poll. I questioned both men and women about this topic. 85% of the men I questioned said that when they got married, they knew for a fact that they were in-love and 100% committed. The other 15% said they married because they got tired of being asked. 95% of the married women said they got married because of EITHER, they had been with him for a long period of time, the kids or stability. The other 5% got married because they were in-love.

Now, I want to hear from you all. What’s your take on this topic? Are the women/men that are in committed relationships in it because you or your other half are committed but, not enough to get married or????